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Friday, September 24th, 2004
1:17 pm
Today in Physical Education Skill 114E - Fitness and Exercise, we did Yoga. If Yoga were a western concept, it would be known as "serious crucial stretching". It worked out pretty well for me, as I now feel like my body is made out of one continuous fiber instead of a bunch of sore unconnected pieces. You could use me as a tennis racket.

Tonight is going to be an epic evening. I have a date with destiny at soon to be disclosed air hockey tables in Indianapolis. Cory Hall and I are going to battle it out this afternoon/evening, and then it's off to Cookiehead's 25th birthday party. At some point during the party, I am going to have to ditch the action to go over to the ever important final Majhas show at the Melody Inn. It will be a shame to see Jon Michael shoot rainbows out of his hands and grip the sky for one last time.

Maybe with Majhas done, that will just mean more time for Ice Nine reunions, right?
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
5:29 pm
I suck at writing!
So! Phoenix Bodies are recording some songs this week, and I've been having a ton of troubles trying to write lyrics for songs. I think the main problem was that I've not been writing much of anything lately except for physics lab reports and sentences in broken German. So! I've resolved to write more, and as part of this resolution I've decided to come back to my crappy livejournal and attempt to write about something, anything, and everything for about 10 minutes or so each day. This way I can be an articulate and functioning write when duty calls!

So yeah, I'm back to this non-sense, we'll see how it all works out. Perhaps I can stop writing bad songs about watching Dr. Phil and setting forest fires.

Current Mood: thankful
Tuesday, July 20th, 2004
8:53 pm
dude fest!
this is happening this weekend.

Indiana Skate Company
7141 W. Morris Street
Indianapolis, IN


show up at 5pm!

Searching for Chin/ The Wolfnote (Canadian grindcore + Canadian noise rock playing a split set)
Good/Bad (Ruins/Lightning Bolt styled oddities and grind)
You Will Die (Instrumental hessian rock w/ scoth from Ice 9)
The Dead Hate the Living (screamy, sludgy, punk rock from Ohio, ex-Cobra Kai)
Fax Arcana (slaves/lovelife styled lounge sleaze, ex/current- usurp synapse, ice 9, majhas, rep seki, rapider than horsepower)
Racebannon (noisy rock n roll behemoths)


show up at 2pm!

North Lincoln ( excellent punk rock from MI, on No Idea Records)
Baby Teeth (suave jehu styled rock from NY, ex- helen of troy, closure, state secedes)
Gospel (epic old school emo jams, ex-helen of troy, I am the Resurrection)
Hugs (Iowa's own crazy ecclectic clusterfuck of midwestern hardcore)
Meneguar (formerly known as Sheryl's Magnetic Aura, awesome power pop, mems of books lie)
Rapider Than Horsepower (US Maple + Pavement inspired cuteness, mems of racebannon, rep seki)
The Setup (Sepultura + Reversal of Man heaviness from VA, mems of Light the Fuse and Run)
The Fiction (Mohinder-esque screamy hardocre from NY, ex-Saetia)
Books Lie (Born Against styled punk rock from NY)
Hewhocorrupts (Corporate grindcore innovators from Chicago)


show up at 4pm!

The June Kill Ward (ex-mara'akate noise-pop)
Demiricous (heavy fucking metal a la Priest + At the Gates)
Anodyne (Tumultuous, crushing gindy hardcore from NY, Level Plane records)
The Disease (Devo influenced weirdness from SC, ex Index for Potential Suicide,Avenging Discogodfathers of Soul,IN/Humanity)
Enkephalin (one-time reunion from Michigan's tech metal dudes)
Phoenix Bodies (Forcefedglass + Creation is Crucifixion clones from indiana, ex-mara'akate)
The Dream is Dead (there is no one as fast, heavy, or pissed off around today, ex ice nine, harakiri)
Usurp Synapse (back from the grave to give you a chance to back up all your shit-talking)
Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
3:19 pm
tour de truck
okay. i am playing a show somewhere every weekend until the middle of august.

may 10- ft. wayne, in - phoenix bodies
may 11- detroit, mi - phoenix bodies
may16- bloomington, in - mara'akate
may 17- bloomington, in - both
may 22- philadelphia, pa - mara'akate
may 23- new brunswick, nj- mara'akate
may 25- nyc - mara'akate
may28-june 24 europe- mara'akate
july 6- indianapolis, in - phoenix bodies
july11- indianapolis, in- mara'akate
july 19- lansing, mi - both(?)
july 20- cleveland, oh - phoenix bodies
july 21- dc- phoenix bodies
july 23- nc- phoenix bodies
july 24- sc- phoenix bodies
july 26 orlando, fl- phoenix bodies
july 27 tampa, fl- phoenix bodies
july 29- athens, ga- phoenix bodies
july 30- nashville, tn- phoenix bodies
august 1- dude fest- mara'akate
august 8,9,10- dupage fest- both

okay! come hang out with me next week, because i am going to be gone all summer.
Friday, April 18th, 2003
1:59 am
how was the hand job?
lotion buddies forever,
love da girls

Current Mood: wet
Tuesday, March 25th, 2003
9:47 pm
show friday
hey, i'm driving from lafyette to ft. wayne on friday night.

i'm playing a show. if you want to see me, or to come with me, let me know.
Wednesday, March 5th, 2003
12:39 pm
god damn it
i had that dream again where i lost my ti-89.

this is the only dream that i ever really get upset about.
Friday, February 14th, 2003
1:34 am
"you mean studying pshyics wont make me psychic? what the fuck have i been wasting all my time for? i thought they were related somehow."
Monday, February 10th, 2003
12:05 am
weekend 2003 AD
giant car crash 3 dead +100 injured

shitty show at shitty place. blood brothers are a bad version of rye coalition.

james is totally entertaining. IIIII'm ALL RIGHT! NO BODY WORRY 'BOUT ME!



speeding ticket, no radar gun.

travis is incredibly mad.

mom bought me groceries.

mara'akate plans a new era of awkwardness. writes new song.

oh yeah, i bought a ruins cd too.
Thursday, February 6th, 2003
11:34 pm
today i printed 750 fliers for dude fest, for free. it was cool. guys in the computer lab were getting mad.

i am going to detroit tomorrow to see the blood brothers and hang out. it's going to be awesome.

i just sort of realized the blood brothers are just a really good rye coalition rip off, but i really like rye coalition, so that is allright.

oh daily life. someday i will look back at this and have 1 million memories rush back. that will be awesome.

being inarticulate is awesome.

yesterday i mopped my kitchen.

it was awe...

i made a mean catfish fillet.

living alone is sort of making me a better cook, but not as good as i would like to be. i want to be awesome. maybe i will go t a culinary arts school after i am done getting my physics and math degrees. i guess i just want to play rock music after i am done with that. oh well. summertimes.

blah blah blah

mara'akate cd is coming out in less than 3 weeks. we should have our copies soon. wyrick discovered this while surfing through allmusic.com. apparently barnes and noble has out cd available for pre-order.

hot hot hot.
Tuesday, February 4th, 2003
11:55 am
Why I love ENGL305
The Integral of an Octopus

A silent stopper
the holes at the bottom of the
ocean floor.

Tentacles of terror
take lives of other
aquatic dwellers.

The many appendages are
of the army
that is
An Octopus.

An evil king of the deep
watches his domain
with sinster eyes,
dark and grim,
that he stole from a brooding genius.

When the creature looks
into a mirror
it only sees an ominous
of Richard Nixon.

A squishy sentient
with malevolent intentions
An Octopus.
Sunday, February 2nd, 2003
2:39 pm
(long live) the romance morgue
indianapolis was HOT last night. romance morgue broke up because everyone realize billy plays a pink guitar.

punkrocknight with all the hardcore bands was cool. racebannon played some cool new slow sludgy song. i saw lots of old punk rock sluts. it was good times. majhas was totally rockin'. i talked to jason from suicide note about them coming to play dude fest, and they are down with the job. so this will be exciting.

the melody inn is really shitty, but the door guy let me in even though i did not have ID. the show was all about love, 100+ at a "sold out" show. every single person there knew each other. strange people from my past showed up. it was a great time.

"mara'akate" enters a new world of turmoil as we wrote a ridiculous new song. it sounds even less like anything we have ever done before, but it is totally awesome. brian, ben, and i may just start a new band, and have that band play with mara'akate in europe.

antonio may be coming to europe with us. josh apparently doesn't have money to go. shit is getting weird

i went to practice with !eck/acre today, and no one was home. if this shit keeps up i am going to call it quits. we need to practice at least 3 times this month or else that will probably be enough for me.

i just want to be in a band called Lucrative World Burger Industry.
Friday, January 31st, 2003
1:12 am
so i am taking this graduate level math course.

MA510- vector calculus.

it's the third week, and all we are doing for homework is drawing circles.

and i thought this was going to be hard
Thursday, January 30th, 2003
1:33 am
20 degrees has never felt so warm

creating inertial frames of reference is cool.

eventually, everything in the universe ends up being red. why? we are expanding!
Wednesday, January 22nd, 2003
1:26 am
dude fest
so far:

helen of troy
the fiction
aim of conrad
an albatross
rapider than horsepower

i think about 9 more bands will be added by the time this happens.

i hope we can get andrew wk.
Monday, January 20th, 2003
12:56 am
the show last night was pretty maddening.

not in a bad way though.

it was just so crazy being trapped in a small house with so many people i knew and i had not seen in such a long time. all my friends that were not friends with each other were there, and they were all talking to me simultaneously, not realizing i was trying to carry on conversation with other groups of people. it was enough to make a man become empathetic to the autistic.

after the show was very nice though.

i was somewhat apprehensive about the "party" i had promised. i was sort of glad that it was not a raging success. chilling out and shootin' da shit was cool. it was much needed and welcomed after fighting the 45 headed sea monster of past accquaintances.

having so many people come to see me made me feel good though.

the visitors from michigan were perfect house guests, and will hopefully become decent friends of mine. i may have to go up there to visit people sometime.

vector calculus in 10 hours and 26 minutes. i guess i should maybe do some of the homework.

alex is not going to europe with mara'akate. i'm sort of sad that he cannot accompany us, but at least it puts an end to our drummer dilemma.

i think i am going to just review records instead of doing homework.
Saturday, January 18th, 2003
4:25 pm
i'd like to thank chris isaak and bobby mcpherrin for their guidance.

i'd also like to thank the random dude who gave me back my ATM card at 1:30 am for not robbing me.
Thursday, January 16th, 2003
10:08 pm
all i need are:

#1: a hog roaster
#2: andrew wk
Monday, January 13th, 2003
2:26 pm
For The Birds
The Human Condition
Breaking Away

8:00 pm January 18th (Saturday) at Solidarity Books 2123 Boulevard Place
Admission is $4. All $$ goes to Solidarity Books

come. you never know when it's going to be our very last show.
1:44 pm
it's really sort of absurd to assume the world to be continuous curves. it's not that way at all. everything is quantized. as you zoom in on the world, all you see is a rough, pixelated quantum foam. you don't see a smooth curve or a straight line.

i guess this is why all the trees look different.
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